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“I am proud to have stuck to my guts in several very intense situations and hold true to my hearts intention of founding a center where I can focus solely on the concept of health …”

Wanderlust Weekly: Congrats on the growth of Hydra Yoga Therapy! What inspired it’s creation? Kelly Zimmerman: I found there was a need for a fully integrated yoga and massage experience within a studio. The key to this is a fully working knowledge of anatomy and the energetic body from our instructors and therapists. We hold massages, group yoga classes and private yoga classes but we also hold yearly modules for our new and current yoga teachers to learn massage elements and our massage therapists to learn the ancient yoga concepts and colorful modern popular yoga styles. The vision of massage and yoga is entirely my own formula which I call “Hydra”. From massage to yoga everything is customized uniquely to the clients individual strength and healing needs.

Wanderlust WeeklyYou’ve built a strong community following in Campbell, what are some of your proudest moments? Kelly Zimmerman: From the comparatively sleepy town of Charlottesville to the Wild Wild West of Silicon Valley I went from friendly college-town mouse to big-city gunslinger with grit and tons of heart. I am proud to have stuck to my guts in several very intense situations and hold true to my hearts intention of founding a center where I can focus solely on the concept of health. When you set your intention properly you create space for a positive, rewarding community. I am proud everyday to share the gift of yoga and massage with others.

Wanderlust WeeklyWe wish you continued success in 2017, what upcoming news or developments can we look forward to? Kelly Zimmerman: Thank you so much! Back at you! I thought about your guys as I was hiking from hotel to hotel in the northern Italian alps last April. I won’t able to put it together this year but in 2018 I hope to hold a retreat in the Alps because I found them so healing and inspiring. I am also getting into snowboarding here in Tahoe, which is very beautiful, so maybe I can hold a retreat nearby.

California Dreamin’

Hydra Yoga Final Charlottesville Classes at Barre.d Studio (216 Water Street)

Just as the chill of fall is in the air and UVA students are wandering back into yoga class Hydra Yoga we must announce our last 8 classes in Charlottesville are hosted at “Barre.d” studio in October as Kelly Zimmerman is moving to San Jose, California! Too much to fast? (Register for classes on MindBody as usual) We must apologize as many of you seem pumped for the fall season. We are sad but excited to join forces with Barre.d for our final 8 classes! We are really passionate about their team and methods!

Having a studio and clinic on the downtown mall has been an absolute dream. We have all enjoyed the beauty of our downtown space- a space and community like no other in the world. After moving from the Glassbuilding quite suddenly things were hard economically, a lot of people didn’t think we could pull it off BUT we have built as small pack of serious and fun loving yogis– that is something we should all be proud of. More than pulling it off, Hydra has been as huge success- with all the intricacies success entails.

Fun classes, small group sizes, integrated healing methods. With VERY REAL healing experienced by every student, Hydra is a truly unique method, thrilling to be a part of and a vision we hold to be true to the tradition of yoga in a culture which is pressuring yoga to become more commercialized, less personal, less substantial. Our personal standard aligns us with our truth and it is our goal to help you find your own personal truth too. Although we are happy to guide you to referrals during this time- the light of HYDRA is inside you and with diligent practice you too will come to master your own unique voice. We are not proud that we made this community- we are proud so many students and patients were inspired by our unique methods in massage and yoga.

San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Gatos, the Esalen Institue, Santa Cruz and Harbin Hot Springs are all places that offer Kelly Zimmerman the instruction she wants to continue grow as a clinical healer. You know with such a highly talented teacher/healer you must up the ante on the level of instruction one needs to grow. Charlottesville is her home town and she will never be gone for long. We expect in three years she will return. (Cue soundtrack.) The website will stay live offering local retreats and local Charlottesville classes from herself and her colleagues and apprentices. Register on Hydra Yoga’s MindBody as you normally do to stay tuned to the class schedule.

Big shout out to everyone who participated in our Massage retreat last weekend. It was grand listening to the cows moo and coyotes howl with you!! We are currently organizing another retreat in December- let us know your favorite dates or locations for December- OTHER than your living room!

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Expert Massage Retreat at the Height of Virginia Leaf Season

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Saturday, October 8th – Sunday October 9th, 2016

Enjoy two 90 minute sessions with Charlottesville’s favorite Deep Tissue Thai Massage Artist, Kelly Zimmerman, while soaking up the amazing country side of Warm Springs, Virginia. Optional class on couples massage in the lovely outdoor pavilion included but this trip can be reserved for individuals or couples. This once in a life time escape will book as fast a leaf falls with only four rooms (6 spots) available!
– Includes two massages, Saturday and Sunday
– Group massage class
– Breakfast and Dinner

Thanks to everyone who attended this great event!

LET IT OUT Yoga for Emotional Release at Fort Lewis Lodge

Monday, Columbus Day, October 10th and Tuesday October 11th we are holding a two day retreat at, hands down, the most beautiful and lush country lodge in the exquisitely gorgeous farmland of Warm Springs, Virginia. The yoga centers around emotional healing with nourishing acupressure treatments paired with dynamic release activates (smashing various squashes and screaming into the wilderness). Wahoo!

Partake in optional Watsu aquatic floating sessions to soothe the soul or cold river dips to liven the spirit! Yin, Yang and Warm Springs. LET IT OUT with a scream or a whisper. Treat yourself to daily yoga and massage for relaxation and strength. Savory, healthy Southern breakfast and dinner fare are included. Let yourself be immersed in THE UNBELIEVABLE sweeping farmland surrounding Fort Lewis Lodge in Warm Springs, Virginia.

You already know the yoga and massage will be amazing, BUT you may not know that Fort Lewis Lodge is the premier Bed & Breakfast in the Warm Springs area and will quickly book up for the entire fall season! We are going to have some real fun freeing our darker emotions (before they kill us from the inside), so don’t wait and book your spot today!  The deadline for this event is September 10th (we are concerned the lodge will book up before then!)

$340 to make your own camping arrangements and enjoy the program at the lodge (three spots)
$700 for Single Room at the Riverside Cottage (three rooms available)
$1,190 for the Twin Room at the Riverside Cottage (one spot for two)

Spots are still available so register today on mindbody! Tell your boss you are reinstating Columbus Day as a national holiday! Bring your yoga mat and baseball bat! We are eager to embrace you in healing and strength.

Thanks to everyone who came to this great event!

Training at Hydra Yoga Spa!

Happy Summer to the entire Hydra Yoga Spa community!

As you may guess from the YouTube link, we are getting very excited about teacher training this season. Study the 8 Limbs of Yoga as taught by Patanjali’s yoga sutra with Odin McEvoy’s song and join a Hydra Yoga Spa training!

Aside from Children’s Yoga, Deep Tissue Thai Massage and Medical Reflexology, Hydra is doing a 200 Hour dual certification in Yoga Teaching and Integrated Thai Massage October 10-25, 2016.

Email Kelly@hydrayogaspa.com for more information.


New Candlelight offerings!

We’re excited to expand our class offerings with our Candlelight Yoga classes this Spring! Come out friday nights for some relaxation with our new class.

Yin and Restorative Yoga have become increasingly popular over the years as people have realized the importance of giving back to their own bodies. In Yin Yoga, poses are held for longer periods of time, stretching the connective tissues that aren’t always exercised in a regular asana practice. A gentle, beginner class, Restorative/Yin involves variations of seated and supine poses held for several minutes with the use of supportive props. Yin Yoga is designed to help regulate the flow of energy in the body, and Restorative is about centering breath and body and triggering relaxation.

Join our Friday night Candlelight Flow for a relaxing way to end the week with some gentle vinyasa, appropriate for all levels. This class is a more meditative practice with low lights and candles to encourage inner guidance and self expression. With a little Yin/Restorative thrown in, it’s a nice way to relax and refresh on a Friday night.

Hike & Climb February

Big thanks to all the yogis who came out for our Hike and Climb! It’s good mental yoga and physical yoga to get out of one’s regular routine and try something new. Being in nature, although chilly, is so good for Hot Yoga Lovers like us at this time of year when we spend so much time indoors. Fresh air, sunshine so good for the lungs and internal organs and that steep incline of Humpback Rock so good for those thighs and glutes! We’d be happy to offer this workshop again throughout the year. We’ll get that level 0 rock one day!! Please remember to register in advance in order to order your gear. Namaste Adventurers!

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New Class Added in 2016: Qi Gong

qi-gong-761099_1920You don’t know the meaning of relaxed until you have tried our Qi Gong class. Taught by an expert in the practice, enjoy the peace of opening yourself to the energy that surrounds and flows through you. The perfect adjunct to any yoga practice, Qi gong has proven many physical and mental health benefits. Prepare yourself to feel complete mental bliss and harmony with your own physical being. Regular class rates apply.

Wednesday’s at 5:00 PM and  Saturday’s at 12:00pm

Online Registration

Halloween Costume Contest

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our Halloween Costume contest. We are party yoga animals.

The contest for the 60 minute Thai Massage was a complete draw! Between Sahtiya’s “School to Prison Pipeline Outfit”, Alaric’s “Roman Toga” and Lisa’s “Pink Bunny Hat”.

All of your accounts have been updated on Mind Body for a 30 minute massage with Kelly Zimmerman. Enjoy!!

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Zin & Zen Fall Pictures, Only Two More Dates Left!

We have been having a blast this fall enjoying the beautiful weather and yummy wine Central Virginia has to offer. We just added a few new photos to the gallery of our fall events!  Two more dates left, register below…

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Due to the success we have scheduled our Fall/Winter Zin & Zen dates.  Join us:

November 14th at 12:00 PM
Veritas Vineyards

December 12th at 12:00 PM
Keswick Vineyards

$10 for Unlimited Monthly Members and $20 for other Members or Guests

Weather Clause: Depending on the weather the yoga class maybe held at our studio (or replaced with a “yoga jog” or other cooler weather workout) and then we will carpool to the vineyard for the tasting! These yoga/workouts will have a higher intensity due to cooler weather. In extreme weather will will move the event indoors. Expect “Yoga Jogs”, wine cellar meditations or indoor yoga classes.