“A couple of massages with Kelly gave me relief from a scoliosis related headache that physical therapy, meditation, prior massages, myofascial release and saunas hadn’t ever alleviated. She has a great knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. She worked intensively on specific constricted muscles as well as on areas of the side body that seemed key to the resultant relief. It was a small miracle to walk out the door of her studio without a pain I’ve lived with for around 15 years. It hasn’t returned, two weeks out! Kelly’s a gem of a yoga teacher as well. She guides at the perfect pace and maps each class to feel cohesive but fresh.” Jeannine P.

“Kelly is amazing, the studio is peaceful, relaxing and clean. The experience with Kelly has been life changing. She has done a world of good not only for my body, but also my mind. She always finds the spots that need the most work and takes care of them. Her range of knowledge has me experiencing something new with each visit. I hope to remain within her care.” – Mat G.

I went to get a Thai Massage from Kelly, who is the owner, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was very needed, finals stress, etc. She is the sweetest person, and it was an awesome experience. I have had some pretty serious health/orthopedic problems for a while, and I guess I didn’t realize how much better I could feel. I will definitely be returning. – Kat S.

“I absolutely lalalove Kelly’s Thai massages. She is a miracle worker. I treat myself after finals and during midterms. The pricing is fair, and worth every penny. It’s like getting your car detailed but for your body. It detoxes, soothes and resets everything in your body. I highly recommend her massages.” – Margaret S.

“Best massage ever! Intense, deep tissue; thai massage. Great for athletes or for those needing therapeutic massage. This is my regular treat to myself to boost my immune system and de-stress. Kelly is awesome” – K.B.

“I have known Kelly for many years. She is a very caring and compassionate yoga teacher. This comes thru in the preparation and execution of her classes. She is very thorough and careful with her new students. You will feel very comfortable as a beginner and challenged as an advanced yogi. Her space is comforting and inspiring.

Kelly is also a master massage therapist. I have had some issues due to long distance running and she has kept me healthy which keeps me running. Her massage therapy is integral to my training and I am grateful for her expertise!” – Toni G.

“Kelly is a master massage therapist, tailoring her treatments to what my body needs. She’s a real pro, and also a really cool person. My body aches are gone, and I look forward to another session with her.” – Petra P.

“Kelly is an awesome instructor.” – Aswini

“Kelly’s Watsu and massage are phenomenal. I’ve received Watsu from a number of practitioners over the years, and with Kelly the experience is as amazing as with international instructors. With both aquatic and land work, anyone can go through the motions. Kelly helps me get out of my and into the ongoing moment of now. Her work is exactly what bodywork should be – positively transcendental!” – CJ F.

“Relaxing space good vibe…the yoga class was great nice yoga flow mixed with thoughtful meditation and attention to poses. So glad I purchased this deal can’t wait for my next class. Highly recommend” – Missy

“Kelly truly embraces the study and practice of Yoga. It is not just a hip thing for her nor just poses to get down…. Kelly wants to share and teach what she has so carefully learned and practices in her own life with others who are wanting to expand their mind, body, and spirit. She considers all the different levels of those who participate in each class as well as the energy that those in class bring with them. She knows it is a give and take. She is professional and approachable should you have any questions after class. This is a serious study and class, it is not a class you come to if you aren’t truly there to focus and expand and heal. Don’t come if you want to gossip or not really participate. If you want to do true yoga that is challenging, and based in real spiritual foundation, this is your place. Classes are small so you really get that one on one for each pose also. I have to say, in addition to Kelly, each teacher is amazing.” – Karie R.

“Bliss! Treat yourself right with regular massage, your body will thank you. The therapist, Kelly, has many years of massage experience and is in tune with your body, while listening to your reports of trouble spots. I have went to plenty of massage therapists and she is one of the best. In addition to massage therapy, the studio offers yoga sessions, a friend of mine says it’s great. The studio is in a large historical building right off the freeway with convenient parking, plus it’s close to public transportation. If you care about supporting small business instead of the large and impersonal massage and crowded yoga studios, you will appreciate her offerings. Go here, it’s worth every penny” – Yelp User

“Love Kelly’s massages as well as her private yoga classes. After two years of staying away from getting too close to anyone for a massage and/or entering a crowded yoga studio, I thought I’d start easy with a massage and a few private yoga classes. It’s helped so much after 2 years of hibernating and sitting way too much. Her massage and 1st yoga class have both helped tremendously. My back and hips are much looser and I look forward to more! Her location is convenient to get to, it’s cozy, clean, warm and a place you want to be for either a massage or a yoga class. And her music is very calming as well. Thank you so much Kelly!” – Leslie L.

“Yesterday, I returned home from this AMAZING 4 day retreat up in this exquisite spot tucked away in the Santa Cruz mountains BUT not far off of Hwy 17! I felt as though I was far away from the rat race of city living that I am so used to. I couldn’t have picked a better spot for a retreat! The retreat was Titled “Lonely Hearts” and honestly, I did have a lonely heart coming in, but I left with a heart full of love, joy and a better understanding of myself. Kelly is a brilliant teacher. The way she broke it down was so clear, all of her teachings resonated with me in a very personal way. She has a vast understanding as to the connection between natural elements (nature) and the spiritual realm. Her warmth and love for each of us was so welcoming. It’s something I rarely get in my day-to-day life. So refreshing. Each day was full of fun outings together whether at the spa or having a beach day, everything was a blast! Kelly really knows how to make things fun! I highly recommend this retreat! Looking forward to the next one!” – Malina G.

“This is a testimony to Kelly’s extraordinary service of Thai Massage. Her genuinely caring presence, focus and knowledge come through her powerful yet gentle healing hands. [Kelly’s] work not only left me feeling deeply relaxed but also seemed to restore my equilibrium and overall well being.” – Rosa N.

“Kelly and her team at Hydra Hot Yoga are the best! I have taken several types of classes here with different teachers for over two years now, and each class has taught me something new about my body. The sequence of poses in each class are well thought out, and everyone comes away feeling better physically and mentally. I highly recommend trying out one of the many classes that are offered each week, you will be glad you did! Also, do yourself a favor and book a massage with Kelly soon! She offers several types, and truthfully, the Thai massage was the greatest in my opinion.” – Erin B.

“Kelly is a great instructor! She really makes you feel welcome in her studio. I appreciate the time she takes to customize class to what our needs are. She makes it a point to get to know everyone that comes in her class which I feel is really important and made us want to come back. You really build bonds with these people and get to know them! I also really enjoy my mini massage she gives after class.” – Ira C.

“If you want a massage where you will feel the after effects for a few days then Kelly is your girl. I carry all my stress in my mid-back, right next to my spine. It’s a weird spot and hard for a masseuse to attack. I tried at least a half dozen before Kelly. Kelly was able to get in there and knew that my hips connected to that area of my back. I left her feeling true relief. If my budget allowed, I would make this as regular as possible. Kelly is really fantastic.” – Vanessa W.

“Kelly is passionate about massage! And very good at it. I’ve had a problem with my back for what feels like forever and she is working her magic so that I can sit and walk without pain again. First time in a long time that I feel like something might help!” – Lisa H.

“Kelly was amazing!! My experience was so relaxing and also educational. Kelly makes you feel comfortable and she brings a calm energy to your session. She took her time with me and answered all my questions thoroughly. without a doubt she’s full of experience and great at what she does. I will definitely be going back for more yoga sessions and massages” – Alondra S.

“Kelly is amazing both for yoga training and for massages! Highly recommend her and, true to her tag line, she definitely helps me be happier, healthier and walk through the world with ease. Kelly’s tag line: “May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you walk through the world with ease.” – Leslie L.