Warm Thai Compresses Fall 2022

I am LOVING my new work with Thai Heated Poultices. Heated Poultices are different than Hot Stones, but a great option for Hot Stone lovers. They are stamped on the body along energy lines. The stamping creates a rhythmic rocking sensation, gently releasing the joints. The smell is the best thing about the treatment. The scent of steamed camphor and eucalyptus fill the treatment room, enlivening, clearing the sinuses and soothing deep into the soul. 

Deep into the soul! I mean it. Enjoy! Kelly Tatum Zimmerman CMT ERYT

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If you want any promotion you see online but have trouble booking you can always text me 40eight-3four8-97O5, anytime! <3

Lonely Heart Yoga Retreat w/ Hydra Yoga Therapy

Lonely Heart Yoga Retreat w/ Hydra Yoga Therapy
My yoga friends…

I am so honored to hold space with my new yoga students and *hopefully* some of you I haven’t seen in a long time for a three day retreat in the beauty of my backyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Feb 9th to the 13th 2022.

We can’t talk to each other for long these days until one of us mentions how exhausted we are. Crushing work loads, splintered personal and family relationships due to the soar in depression/anxiety, substance addiction and technology have left us hallow. 

Please allow me to share with you the tools to refresh your spirit and comfort your body/mind. Hydrate yourself with: breath focused meditation, Yin Yoga for the Absolute Beginner, easy sensible Sanskrit chanting, short gorgeous hikes to hillsides and waterfalls, peaceful stars, holy redwoods, comforting light-to-deep Tantsu (R) massage and one divine hot tub. I will be leading short seminars on Shamanic Tibetan practices which pull from nature to align and strengthen internal energies. We plan to expand on these lessons for another retreat, part 2, in March integrating Ayurveda and Trauma Recovery.

Healing, Peace, Faith and most of all hope. That we all may feel the true wisdom of divine nature.
Kelly Tatum CMT ERYT

COVID Protocols at Hydra Yoga and Integrated Thai Massage

It’s been hard for me to decide permanently on what our rules for the Corona Virus would be because for the last year the information was changing so fast. During the course of that last year I’ve come to realized what the science is, what the most sensible guidelines are and what I’m comfortable with. Last June I moved into a much bigger space on The Alameda in San Jose, so that really helps with air circulation and social distancing. It’s with a heavy heart that I draw these guidelines because I know not everyone will agree with them and my close group of clients are like family to me. However, I am starting to feel uncomfortable with closely interacting with so many people weekly. It’s more important to me that everyone is safe and healthy vs. everyone is getting their massages and yoga. So here goes:

  • Yoga classes wear masks unless you are having trouble breathing. Yoga classes are limited to 3 to 5 students with air purifiers and I’m often teaching to people who are in the same Pod together. As you know many of my classes I’m teaching to less than a couple people, this is why my standards deviate vs. other studios.
  • Regular clients, and this is that hardest for me because it’s you who really make this practice, to continue working with you on a weekly and monthly basis I really need you to be vaccinated. My greatest fear is that I could make you sick. If you don’t care if you get sick, I understand that’s your choice, but I don’t want to be involved with it.
  • The biggest question I get is using a mask during a massage. I know it’s really hard to breathe face down. We are facing away from each other with the purifier on in a large room. From what I’m seeing it would be ok to take the mask off or at least stick your nose out. Face up I strongly recommend putting the mask back on. I keep my mask on at all times but there are still a lot of disease that can be passed when I am working on your neck with my head right above you. I will not force you to wear you mask face up because the nature of massage is to breathe.
  • Any surface including mats, blocks, face cradles, tables, chairs, door knobs, lotion bottles, towel warmer and closets are sprayed with alcohol and wiped with Clorox.
  • I am limiting massage clients to two a day and limiting yoga classes to two a day.
  • Myself, all my staff and colleagues are fully vaccinated.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Kelly Tatum Zimmerman
    Certified Massage Therapist Advanced Registered Yoga Instructor

Yoga in the Campbell Park

Thank you all so much for organically helping me grow a little culture around Hydra Yoga’s classes. I am especially humbled by all the support from San Jose and downtown Campbell in the past couple years. In my efforts to give back all the support I’ve received I would like to introduce a new yoga program utilizing the world famous “Los Gatos Creek Trail” which is accessible directly across from the studio.

My students have asked for a yoga / jogging program to improve cardio and enhance vital body energy so I am introducing a “Run to Stretch” program that involves 30 minutes of jogging to running followed by deep stretching and meditation.

The warm sun, dewy grass and fresh air is so vital to a healthy body we will be practicing outside as warm weather permits. If there is wet or cold we will set up in the warm studio- take our run and return to the studio.

My students have requested a program with at cheaper rate. Because we are able to host more students and because the jog portion is coached but not directly instructed I’m able to make this program available at a lower cost. You will purchase this program separately using the Mindbody calendar.

I know this is a really different style of class so if you have any questions please contact us. Thanks again for all the amazing support this year both to my regular students and even the amazing people I’ve meet just taking a couple classes or dropping in for a random massage. I hope we continue to grow in heath together.

Yours with as much peace as possible,
Kelly Tatum CMT ERYT


Hot Springs Retreat and Weekly Massage Discounts


Many of you know I’ve been searching for my “Eat Pray Love” moment in Italy. I went to Venice, Verona and Sud Tyrol in March and it didn’t quite do the trick so I scuba dived in Naples last month in June. I’ve also been “hard at work” scouting locations for unforgettable yoga retreats utilizing natural hot springs.

Yoga Retreat Ischia Hot Springs

Off the northern coast of Naples is a volcanic island called Ishia (pronounced is-ski-ah). This island is loaded with the most intense mineral rich hot springs a worn out yoga girl could ever dream of. Please come with me, flow with me and follow me to the sea in this incredible location. I will offering a light asana (posture) focused meditative vinyasa and aquatic meditation (massage) certification. I truly believe in this healing water and this healing mud and sea weed! This healing all natural pasta and bruschetta! These healing fresh green olives and white wine- ALL of it to heal your soul the way it has mine.

Calistoga Day Trips Hot Springs

The ever-famous Harbin Hot springs, the birthplace of Watsu®, is now open!! We are escaping for two day trips at least once a month.  Come enjoy this incredible hot spring facility and the amazing culture that surrounds it. *cough* Napa *cough* Virginians are welcome to California to enjoy this with us. We miss you SO much this trip is perfect for you!

For those who are bound locally to Campbell summer specials are listed below:

WEEKLY 90 minute Thai Massage Deep Tissue
$90 (a $50 discount!!) Happy Hour 10am – 3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

BIWEEKLY 90 minute Thai Massage Deep Tissue
$125 (a $15 discount) Happy Hour 10am – 3pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Massage Retreat at the Height of Virginia Leaf Season


Saturday, October 8th – Sunday October 9th, 2016

Enjoy two 90 minute sessions with Charlottesville’s favorite Deep Tissue Thai Massage Artist, Kelly Zimmerman, while soaking up the amazing country side of Warm Springs, Virginia. Optional class on couples massage in the lovely outdoor pavilion included but this trip can be reserved for individuals or couples. This once in a life time escape will book as fast a leaf falls with only four rooms (6 spots) available!
– Includes two massages, Saturday and Sunday
– Group massage class
– Breakfast and Dinner

Thanks to everyone who attended this great event!

LET IT OUT Yoga for Emotional Release at Fort Lewis Lodge

Monday, Columbus Day, October 10th and Tuesday October 11th we are holding a two day retreat at, hands down, the most beautiful and lush country lodge in the exquisitely gorgeous farmland of Warm Springs, Virginia. The yoga centers around emotional healing with nourishing acupressure treatments paired with dynamic release activates (smashing various squashes and screaming into the wilderness). Wahoo!

Partake in optional Watsu aquatic floating sessions to soothe the soul or cold river dips to liven the spirit! Yin, Yang and Warm Springs. LET IT OUT with a scream or a whisper. Treat yourself to daily yoga and massage for relaxation and strength. Savory, healthy Southern breakfast and dinner fare are included. Let yourself be immersed in THE UNBELIEVABLE sweeping farmland surrounding Fort Lewis Lodge in Warm Springs, Virginia.

You already know the yoga and massage will be amazing, BUT you may not know that Fort Lewis Lodge is the premier Bed & Breakfast in the Warm Springs area and will quickly book up for the entire fall season! We are going to have some real fun freeing our darker emotions (before they kill us from the inside), so don’t wait and book your spot today!  The deadline for this event is September 10th (we are concerned the lodge will book up before then!)

$340 to make your own camping arrangements and enjoy the program at the lodge (three spots). However, you might be allowed to carry 45 acp ammo.
$700 for Single Room at the Riverside Cottage (three rooms available)
$1,190 for the Twin Room at the Riverside Cottage (one spot for two)

Spots are still available so register today on mindbody! Tell your boss you are reinstating Columbus Day as a national holiday! Bring your yoga mat and baseball bat! We are eager to embrace you in healing and strength.

Thanks to everyone who came to this great event!