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Yoga and massage are becoming more and more popular as powerful healing tools. We specialize in a form of Medical Thai Massage we call Integrated Thai Massage. We merged the ancient healing techniques of Thai Massage, Shiatsu, with modern Bay Area’s own Watsu / Tantsu and modern Western medical massage with Structural Integration, Russian Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and relaxing, feel-good Deep Tissue.


General Schedule

5:15pm Hydra Hot Vinyasa

9:15am Meditative Vinyasa
5:15pm Yin Yoga for the Absolute Beginner

7:30pm Yoga for the Absolute Beginner in Farsi

9:15am Meditative Vinyasa

9:15am Yin Yoga for the Absolute Beginner
5:15pm Hot Vinyasa Candlelight

10:30am Meditative Vinyasa

Indoor Yoga: $35 a class, 3 class pass $75

~Class size limits 3-5, face-masks are no longer required~

~New Students, please call/text for a free assessment so we can customize a program to meet your needs! Make sure you hear back from someone before arriving to class. Thanks!~


“Kelly is IT. The yoga community and fitness scene here is sooooo blessed to have this yogi leading classes here. Her massages are beyond amazing; with training from Thai massage to deep tissue to etc., Kelly makes every appointment worth every second. I went in for shoulder pain and she helped me manage the pain levels as well as give me simple exercises and tips as to how I can continue to strengthen my shoulder. She's THE go-to therapist for our sports scene here!”

– Eliza B.

“Great to experience personalized yoga to fit my background level. The teachers are friendly and accommodating.”

– Lynda

“I have never been so sweaty and so peaceful at the same time.”

– Sorin H.

“Kelly is a highly skilled, exceptionally knowledgeable and effective massage therapist. She is a healer and set the standard for excellence. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in a truly therapeutic treatment.”

– Sushmita K.

“Having a massage with you has been a highlight of every month for a while now, and I've loved them all.”

– Anna L

“LOVED it! This was my first real yoga lesson... Kelly was phenomenal! Patient, attentive, and appropriately fun. As an athlete, I have never, ever felt my body to be so loose and relaxed. I cannot believe the amount of tension that I was carrying, and how liberated I felt after the private 1 hour session. I cannot wait to sign up for more!”

– Mandy B.

“Kelly is Amazing. She really understands how my body works and what to do to help me run better. I had trouble running consistently before she started working on me. Since then, my running has consistently improved, in quality, quantity, and speed. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

– Jon F.

“One on one star treatment for yoga classes. That, but my main review is for massage. I have crippling lower back pain, and one visit to her is enough to absolutely cure me, miraculously, for half a year. It's pure magic, not to mention a calming voice and an empathetic ear to go along with talented hands. Absolutely couldn't recommend this business more… their facility is aesthetically pleasing and private, and the staff really know what they're doing. Bravo.”

Aeron H.

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