Hydra Welcomes Nectura CBD

Jun 27, 2023 | Massage

CBD has been lighting up the massage scene for a couple years now. I’ve been familiar with many products but this Balm, called Nectura, a small producer out of Santa Barbara, has really won my heart. I have found a new appreciation for what nourishes the skin, softens the muscle below.

Nectura’s founder, Hanna, suffers with eczema and she began researching the healing properties of cannabis. I love the Kerstin Florian line I work with but I’ve never felt something so powerful at treating the skin and dissolving the tension in the muscle fibers. The secret is in the other ingredients, Calendula, Moringa and Chamomile and the texture of the balm is perfect for Deep Tissue massage. It has the texture of Tiger Balm but it is delightfully unseated!

It’s rare to take the CBD product home with you after your massage upgrade, but I’m so passionate about this product, I really want you to use it and to be able to use it on you. So for your $40 upgrade with an extra 30 minutes of massage, you can keep the .5 oz tin, which would retail for $18, or you can leave it with me with your name on it and we can continue to use it for no extra cost. While supplies last, it’s important to me to turn you all on to it because of it’s partnership with the Deep Tissue work you love.

I really hope you can join me in July for massage. I know many of you are traveling and I hope you all have beautiful vacations and are all safe and healthy!

Yours in healing,

Kelly Tatum Zimmerman CMT ERYT