Spa still life buddha statue and candles, orchid flowerIntegrated Thai Massage

Our Massage Therapists specialize in a unique blend of Deep Tissue Massage and Thai Massage, we find to be the perfect deep pressure massage for pain relief.  Integrated Thai Massage is a Deep Tissue massage performed draped, with coconut or grapeseed oil, a combination of gentle to deep neuromuscular therapy, Reflexology, and gentle stretching. This merging of Eastern and Western methods provide relaxation of the mind, while maintaining healthy muscles and joints with excellent flexibility and range of motion.

Swedish Massage is available for gentler massage on the table.  For the height of the gentle massage relaxing experience we recommend our Watsu. Watsu is an aquatic form of massage therapy done floated in a warm pool.

Whether you are looking for extensive Therapeutic massage to eliminate tight and sore muscles, sciatica, neck, shoulder or back pain, or just want a completely relaxing experience, Integrated Thai Massage is available to help you achieve your pain-free, stress-free goals. Indulge your mind, body and spirit with our therapeutic massage while enjoying soft beautiful music, hot towels, hot stones and aromatherapy.

We also offer Integrated Hot Stone Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Reflexology, and Energy Healing.  If you are interested in these service please note during your booking.

Although a single massage  can be a body and mind changing experience, the healing art of massage is intended to be an integral part of a holistic mental health and fitness program. Therefore, we offer discounted rates for weekly massages. Many of our clients need weekly care and we are happy to offer you a $20 discount if you book the next massage at the time of your visit or arrange a standing appointment time!

Booking Suggestions

Online scheduling


    • We generally do not offer same day booking. When booking within 24 hours or on the weekend, please be mindful to call/text us to double check we saw your booking prompt. 
    • Please try your best to book in advance. Bring your calendar to your treatment. This allows us to be better prepared for your session.
    • There is no need to arrive 15 minutes early for massage. Open the front door and wait for your therapist in the Lounge. Your session time will not be reduced if starting late.
    • There will be a $45 fee for same day massage cancellations. There is a three strike rule in place for same-day yoga cancellations. We can refund your class pass for a massage “add on” if you are finding yourself unable to come at the last minute consistently.