Hydra Yoga Spa does Yoga Alliance US certified trainings for massage and yoga teachers! Our curriculum is based in Eastern medicine, ancient Ayurveda, anatomy and pathology to provide our students with a holistic understanding of the mind-body. We craft specific trainings to augment 200 hour certifications. Contact us with any questions. Check out some of our current offerings:

Hydra Yoga Teacher and Integrated Thai Massage Therapist Certification Program: 200 Hour Certification April 14-30, 2017

Join us for the world’s first duel modality training program certified by the Yoga Alliance. Extensive training in anatomy and pathology meets with Eastern medicine and ancient Ayurveda.


7:45-9:45 — Yoga Class Self Study

9:45-10:30 — Pranayama

10:30-11:30 — Sacred Text Study

11:30-12:15 — Break

12:15-1:45 —  Hydra Yoga Theory

1:45-2:45 — Integrated Thai Massage Theory

Children’s Yoga: 20 Hour Certification

Starting children in a yoga practice is a powerful way to help them counteract the stress, diet and inactivity of modern life.  This training will help teachers learn developmentally appropriate contraindications, benefits, and modifications.

Integrated Thai Massage: Deep Tissue Release 20 Hour Certification

This training help solves the underlying causes of pain using trigger point therapy.

Required Texts:

Trigger Point Therapy for Myofascial Pain, Donna Finado L.A.c, L.M.T and Steven Finando, L.A.c, PhD

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, by Clair Davies NCTMB and Amber Davies CMTPT, L.M.T.  (Second Edition Preferred)

Hydra Yoga Medical Reflexology Therapy: 10 Hour Certification

Learn about the system of zones and reflex areas in the feet that can create physical change on the entire body.

Power Yoga Sunday School: Practicum Session Hours

For blooming Hydra Yoga teachers of any course. Jam your flows with other new teachers and friends.