Yogasana Mats

Yogasana Mats

Our yoga mats make very special gifts!

Warning: I become very passionate when explaining why using a yoga rug on top of your mat is ideal for Hot Yoga and Vinyasa practice.

First of all the 100% cotton feels better than plastic or rubber. When your practice is all natural why would you want to snuggle up against some plastic chemical blend? No. And for outdoor practices the cotton conducts the natural healing energy of the earth? A thick plastic yoga mat does not.

Secondly using a mat with a little bit of sweat from your hands prevents slipping in Down Dog. If your hands don’t sweat spray some water with a touch of essential oil. I’m telling you… its incredible.

Finally, protect your knees and joints in the yoga room. Doubling up your mats and practicing on a clean yoga carpet protects the knees in practices which utilize postures like Camel and Low Lunge Back Bend. You know we love our Camels!

If you’re not convinced or have any questions please talk to me about Yogasana. As you can see, I love talking yoga rugs.