COVID Protocols at Hydra Yoga and Integrated Thai Massage

It’s been hard for me to decide permanently on what our rules for the Corona Virus would be because for the last year the information was changing so fast. During the course of that last year I’ve come to realized what the science is, what the most sensible guidelines are and what I’m comfortable with. Last June I moved into a much bigger space on The Alameda in San Jose, so that really helps with air circulation and social distancing. It’s with a heavy heart that I draw these guidelines because I know not everyone will agree with them and my close group of clients are like family to me. However, I am starting to feel uncomfortable with closely interacting with so many people weekly. It’s more important to me that everyone is safe and healthy vs. everyone is getting their massages and yoga. So here goes:

  • Yoga classes wear masks unless you are having trouble breathing. Yoga classes are limited to 3 to 5 students with air purifiers and I’m often teaching to people who are in the same Pod together. As you know many of my classes I’m teaching to less than a couple people, this is why my standards deviate vs. other studios.
  • Regular clients, and this is that hardest for me because it’s you who really make this practice, to continue working with you on a weekly and monthly basis I really need you to be vaccinated. My greatest fear is that I could make you sick. If you don’t care if you get sick, I understand that’s your choice, but I don’t want to be involved with it.
  • The biggest question I get is using a mask during a massage. I know it’s really hard to breathe face down. We are facing away from each other with the purifier on in a large room. From what I’m seeing it would be ok to take the mask off or at least stick your nose out. Face up I strongly recommend putting the mask back on. I keep my mask on at all times but there are still a lot of disease that can be passed when I am working on your neck with my head right above you. I will not force you to wear you mask face up because the nature of massage is to breathe.
  • Any surface including mats, blocks, face cradles, tables, chairs, door knobs, lotion bottles, towel warmer and closets are sprayed with alcohol and wiped with Clorox.
  • I am limiting massage clients to two a day and limiting yoga classes to two a day.
  • Myself, all my staff and colleagues are fully vaccinated.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Kelly Tatum Zimmerman
    Certified Massage Therapist Advanced Registered Yoga Instructor