Monq Madness in Downtown Campbell

I try to stay on top of the recent trends in fitness. For example my yoga students know and love/hate my methods with the OmniBall core product- specifically designed to tone, strengthen and generally torture the core muscles. (The Omniball works the transverse abdominals in a way no other floor-mat exercise can.) This device also makes balancing in plank or even just on all fours especially difficult- toning superficial muscle fibers in the arms, pecs, shoulders and core. Anyhow! The OmniBalls haven’t picked up anywhere nearly as successfully as a new product called Monq. I am getting up to three calls a day for this new mindful breathing product!

Monq is an inhaler many are using to curb anxiety. The product consists of only water vapor and essential oil. Inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose- it is used encourage mindful breathing. I was drawn to the Monq product as an alternative to e-cigs or vaping. When I’m stressed in the epicly insane Bay Area traffic, I always have the urge to take a deep breath. Smoking encourages deep breathing but smoking even the most “mindful” vaping products on the market still have drawbacks and negative health benefits. Monq products remove all the harm and leave only clean air scented gently with the most natural oils. And I’ve become pretty passionate about the different blends. The best seller on the market is Zen. With Orange and Frankincense many reviews are saying it helps with anxiety. My best seller (of course) is “Sexy” with Jasmine, Patchouli and Lime. I found the Sexy didn’t make me feel more sexy but I was feeling more self-confident. My personal favorite oil for daytime inhaling is the “Active”; Orange, Sage and Black Pepper.  The sage I find very clearing for my thoughts and energies and reminds me of sunny hikes in the Los Gatos hillside. Orange is a natural anti-depressant. I get several calls a day for people eager to get their hands on this product. Please, if you are interested in taste-testing all the different essential oil blends set an appointment with me- dropping by can disturb the other practitioners in the suite and I would like to find a time to give you my full attention. Texting is always an easy way to get a hold of me as I am often in a Yoga Class or in between Integrated Thai Massage appointments.