Massage Therapist Training

sleep-835468_1280To become a Massage Therapist one must possess knowledge, skill and heart. Hydra Yoga has designed a very special open format set of classes to teach the uniqueness of this profession. We teach classes in Eastern and Western Massage therapies. These classes are open to the general public and are especially designed to help guide those interested in practicing massage into which as aspect of massage therapy peaks their interest. Classes can also assist those already practicing massage at honing techniques or currently practicing yoga teachers looking to expand their skill set.

The cost for each class is $40, a 20 class package will drop the class price to $35 a class. At the end of 40 classes students have the option to take exams, upon passing a set of exams students will receive a Certificate of Completion which enables them to work at Hydra Yoga Spa as a Spa Certified Therapist.  Contact Us to sign up for a class.

Students are in no way obligated to complete the program. Take as many or a few classes as you are interested in, your progress is tracked as you go. The best thing about this program is the flexibility, pause your training anytime you like. Programs can be finished in weeks or years! A variety of topics depend upon the unique interest of the individual student and class.

General Topics Range from: Anatomy, Physiology, Thai Massage, Russian Sports Massage, Reflexology, Cupping, Acupressure, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Tantsu and Aquatic Massage to the various levels of customer service and marketing savvy involved in the healing profession.