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Well. I’m sure my friends in Virginia and new friends in California maybe interested in what I’ve been getting into! (You can skip my indulgent life stories to my seasonal massage discount which are listed below.)

Many of you know I’ve been searching for my “Eat Pray Love” moment in Italy. I went to Venice, Verona and Sud Tyrol in March and it didn’t quite do the trick so I scuba dived in Naples last month in June and THAT finally cured me. Well, I’ve also been “hard at work” scouting locations for unforgettable yoga retreats. I still dreaming of gathering us in the Alps and went back to my spa/Valhalla called Lusnerhoff last March. Last month however I found a location so incredible I couldn’t wait another moment to share it with you…

September Yoga Retreat Ischia Hot Springs

Off the northern coast of Naples is a volcanic island called Ishia (pronounced is-ski-ah). This island is loaded with the most intense mineral rich hot springs a worn out yoga girl could ever dream of. Please come with me, flow with me and follow me to the sea this September. I will offering a light asana (posture) focused meditative vinyasa and aquatic meditation (massage) certification. But HONESTLY I just want this healing water and this healing mud and sea weed! This healing all natural pasta and bruschetta! These healing fresh green olives and white wine (yes I said it) ALL of it to heal your soul the way it has mine.

Calistoga Day Trips Hot Springs

If you can’t go all the way to Italy for hot springs, I understand. Luckily the ever-famous Harbin Hot springs, the birthplace of Watsu®, is now open!! We are escaping for two day trips this summer. For now: Saturday July 13th and Saturday August 17th. Come enjoy this incredible hot spring facility and the amazing culture that surrounds it. *cough* Napa *cough* Virginians are welcome to California to enjoy this with us. We miss you SO much this trip is perfect for you!

ok, for those who are bound locally to Campbell summer specials are listed below:

WEEKLY 90 minute Thai Massage Deep Tissue
$90 (a $50 discount!!) Happy Hour 10am – 4pm Tuesday’s and Thursdays

BIWEEKLY 90 minute Thai Massage Deep Tissue
$125 (a $15 discount) Happy Hour 10am – 4pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ishia Mud Wrap with Hydrantsu (Cuddle Therapy)
$85 for roughly 60 minutes – What is this? Basically you are lightly massaged all over with this amazing mineral rich mud. Then you need to dry either in my office resting under a heat-lamp or simply go out into the beautiful California sun. Since we don’t have the Mediterranean sea convenient I will then wash you off outside or with warm towels on the massage table at your discretion. Any remaining time works a swedish or sports massage with an anti-depressant lemon-burgmont essential oil in italian olive-oil nutrient rich massage lotion. I cover you up in a tarp and blankets and perform Tantsu which is a cuddly form of massage similar to Watsu (but without water). Eeeenjoy!

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