Halloween Costume Contest

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our Halloween Costume contest. We are party yoga animals.

The contest for the 60 minute Thai Massage was a complete draw! Between Sahtiya’s “School to Prison Pipeline Outfit”, Alaric’s “Roman Toga” and Lisa’s “Pink Bunny Hat”.

All of your accounts have been updated on Mind Body for a 30 minute massage with Kelly Zimmerman. Enjoy!!

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Zin & Zen Fall Pictures, Only Two More Dates Left!

We have been having a blast this fall enjoying the beautiful weather and yummy wine Central Virginia has to offer. We just added a few new photos to the gallery of our fall events!  Two more dates left, register below…

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Due to the success we have scheduled our Fall/Winter Zin & Zen dates.  Join us:

November 14th at 12:00 PM
Veritas Vineyards

December 12th at 12:00 PM
Keswick Vineyards

$10 for Unlimited Monthly Members and $20 for other Members or Guests

Weather Clause: Depending on the weather the yoga class maybe held at our studio (or replaced with a “yoga jog” or other cooler weather workout) and then we will carpool to the vineyard for the tasting! These yoga/workouts will have a higher intensity due to cooler weather. In extreme weather will will move the event indoors. Expect “Yoga Jogs”, wine cellar meditations or indoor yoga classes.

November is Inversion Heaven

Hydra Yoga Flyer (1)3 Series Inversion Workshop

Strength Flow, Inversions, and Restorative Inversions for Health!

Plus each participant will receive a FREE 10 Page Inversions Playbook

  • Friday November 13th 6:15pm
  • Friday November 20th 6:15pm
  • Friday November 27th 6:15pm

$20/session or Free! for Unlimited Members. Other students can use your rewards points for $10 off for you or a friend!

Online Registration


From Mindfulness to Peace Workshop

MindfulnessWe are honored to host this series of teachings on “From Mindfulness to Peace” with Venerable Tenzin Gephel, a Buddhist monk from the Geluk-pa lineage, the same lineage as His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the resident teacher of the local Jefferson Tibetan Society.

This will be an amazing teaching, connecting the modern day Mindfulness movement to ancient Buddhist theory and practice. This will be a great start for beginners in meditation and will add a lot of insight for intermediate practitioners of meditation.

The workshop will has been postponed but we hope to announce new dates soon!


Hydra Yoga Loves Beginners!

20 Days for $2020 days for $20 for News Students

Hydra Yoga Spa has a unique program which is ideal for beginning students.  This package offers new students 20 days for only $20 AND one free workshop a month!

While we have some classes which are “easier” and some that are “harder” all our classes are open and manageable for beginning students. Small class sizes and super positive instructors make Hydra Yoga Spa the ideal place to forge a consistent practice which will last a life time.

Small class sizes mean we can only accept 5 new beginners each month. So if you’re interested register on MindBody today!

Once a month Hydra holds a workshop just for beginners! Ask questions about postures, understand modifications, learn to meditate, discuss diet (no pressure) and learn about your unique energetic body type or “dosha”. This quick check is integral to setting you on the right path of strength and healing in your asana practice but is not required for beginners. Come if you can or just enjoy the classes!

We only accept 5 students a month, must be new students or students who haven’t attended class in 3 months or more

Hydra Yoga Spa is Moving!

OPENINGAlthough we will keep our space at Divine Play we will no longer be in Suite 211 as of April 22nd. We’ve found a place on the downtown pedestrian mall. Some classes and massages will keep rolling during the transition period out of Divine Play. (We have a full home studio for massages in the Fry Springs area of Charlottesville.) By the first week of May we’ll be moved! And continue to be awesome! Stay tuned to our class schedule for updates. For example, 9:00 am classes are now registration required.

A heart felt thank you for building this community with us!

Zin & Zen: Local Wine and Vinyasa Spring Series!

Yoga in the Vines

We are very excited to announce the Spring 2016 series of Zin & Zen.  This series will be held on Saturdays beginning April 16th and we will be meeting at local wineries for a 60 minute gentle, outdoor Vinyasa practice led by Margaret Stella.  Immediately following the practice we will sample some local wine.

Spring Schedule

  • April 16th at White Hall Vineyards
  • June 25th at Blenheim Vineyards
  • August 13th at Glass House Winery
  • September 24th at Blenheim Vineyards


$20 per class.  Free for unlimited members.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class.

Weather Policy

Should there be rain or cold Warm Gentle Vinyasa will be held in beautiful yoga studio located in the Glass building in downtown Charlottesville (313 SE 2nd St) and carpool to the vineyards. Regular carpool may also be available from this location.

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To register please click here.  If you have any questions please Contact Us.

We look forward to seeing you in the vineyard!

Spiritual Yoga Take Over

We are excited to announce Sister Mukti will be teaching our last two Meditative Vinyasa classes on January 24th and 31st! Sister Mukti joins us all the way from Yogaville, the Satchindanda Ashram, in Buckingham. Intergal Yoga is a worldwide community which focuses on the full expression of the form, energetic and physical. Sister Mukti’s unique style integrates her training as a dancer in central California. If you are especially interested in Yogaville or Meditative Vinyasa OR if you just want some gentle-stretch-flow make it to your mat with us Saturday, January 24th and 31st at 10:00am. Saturday 10:00am classes are now “drop in”. We are teaching in the big room!

Some additional Spiritual Yoga news! The Monks of Ganden Sharts are being hosted in our larger yoga room, the Divine Play space, this Tuesday, Jan. 13th and Thursday, Jan. 15th from 6:00 – 7:30pm. They are presenting two lectures on Insight and Compassion. This means we will be in our smaller space in Suite 211 for those dates.

“Our goal is to share with all people the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture, which includes practices and paths to inner peace and increased compassion. All events are free and open to the public. Donations welcomed. Funds raised from the tour will be used to support the monks of the Phukhang Regional House at Ganden Shartse Monastery in exile in India.”

If you are interested in making a donation to the “Tibetan Monk Tour” Hydra Yoga Spa will write you a Spa Gift Card for yourself or a friend for half of your donation. Donate $40.00, receive a $20.00 gift card to Hydra Yoga Spa. Leave a check for Kelly or you can donate directly to the monks through their PayPal account.

NEW PROGRAM Warm Vinyasa for Weight Loss


Weight loss is a multifaceted problem and Yoga is a multifaceted solution. At Hydra Hot Yoga we have been shedding pounds and sculpting bodies for our students for the last two years with our Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa and Warm Vinyasa classes. But the real results, we feel, our in our students smiles. Yoga maximizes happiness, wisdom, and peace of mind. Along the way, a fitter body and more relaxed mind do come about. Yoga is famous for increasing physical strength and flexibility, as well as alleviating stress and other negative emotions. Conscious breathing and cultivation of positive mental qualities through meditation, and mindfulness of our interactions in the world make yoga powerful for weight loss because it approaches the mental aspects which cause unbalanced eating habits.
We are offering special morning fitness and wellness program that approaches weight loss at every angle. The physical exercise is addressed in 2 weekly morning OR afternoon Warm Vinyasa classes, with only our most experienced, fun and thoughtful teachers. Each class is designed along the specific physical need of each student in small group classes. You’re never too inflexible or out of shape to get started. Included in the program is a regular dietary consultant along the lines of your own Yogic Body Type or “Dosha”. You may be surprised what is easy for another to eat is quite difficult for your system to process/digest. You may be surprised at how easy it will be, using mindfulness principles, to avoid the foods that are holding you down.
This special series class enrolls new students each month and our first series starts in November 2014. Classes will meet twice a week, additional consultations on stress and dieting occur by appointment on Saturday. The cost for the program is $75 for month classes, consultations and massage (30 mins appox) are all included this is suggested to be added to any class pass in the Hydra Hot Yoga program. For any questions or a free consultation please contact Kelly Zimmerman at 434-249-9744 or hydrahotyoga@gmail.com.